Story: You play as Luna Waning, a teenage girl going through some troubled times in a very conservative town. Luna and her older sister Selena both have active Shadows, meaning they can interact with the physical world and have a consciousness and will of their own. Active Shadows enjoy picking on their humans and grow stronger in the physical world based on the strength of their human’s emotions, both positive and negative. And if a human’s emotions grow strong enough, their Shadow can actually take control over them at the first sign of vulnerability, allowing the Shadow a permanent physical form (though they still aren’t fond of extremely bright lights or completely dark areas).
At the start of the game, Luna’s sister -struggling with crippling depression and societal pressure- takes her own life and seems to disappear without a trace. Soon afterwards, a series of strange incidents start occurring all over town, with reports of shadowy creatures attacking civilians and city government officials before vanishing into the night. It seems that Luna is the only one who can put a stop to them, but only if her Shadow decides to cooperate with her.

Combination beat-em-up/puzzle platformer. You’ll have to beat up enemies throughout each level, with a few bosses here and there. To progress through each level, you’ll have to utilize your Shadow (working name), a species of monster normally hidden from human eyes. Every human has a Shadow linked to them, but for the most part they’re dormant and do nothing, simply living within the physical shadow that their human projects. Obviously, that’s not the case with our protagonist. In strictly gameplay terms, your Shadow mimics your actions, allowing you to attack and do other stuff from a safe distance, though he doesn’t have infinite stamina and he is still limited to the area in which you project a shadow. This opens up the opportunity for light-related puzzles and a more complex beat-em-up experience.